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From design to execution, our dedicated teams will provide you top notch experience that result in a beautiful kitchen that brightens your day.

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If you want to give your kitchen a trendy contemporary look, you’ve found the right company.

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Our designers are trained to turn your kitchen into a timeless classic.

Our warehouse in San Francisco is 10,000 square feet, ensuring all your kitchen cabinets and countertops will be in-stock year-round.

By eliminating layers of middlepersons, we can fill your orders with accuracy and our turn-around time is prompt.

The price and quality of our products are​ unmatched in the San Francisco Bay Area since our products come factory-direct.

We’re open to wholesalers who desire competitively priced kitchen cabinets and countertops because of our factory-direct status.

Our People First Philosophy

We’ve found that people want to transform their kitchens into a retreat that’s inviting for both family and friends. It’s our goal to extend our knowledge and expertise to those we work with by delivering personalized solutions. Attention to detail, budget awareness and exemplary customer service are goals we are constantly keeping in mind and improving upon. We even guarantee the quality of our products with a one-year warranty*. When we think of the best, our prices, services and quality are the only things that come to mind. 

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We offer affordable, on-trend building materials to contractors, homeowners and new developers who seek reasonably priced merchandise that exceeds expectations in both value and memorable experiences. 

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